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VS 2017 Preview

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I switched over to VS 2017 Preview for some C# features. Now I find that compiling my Intel Fortran programs I run into an error that it cannot find the ucrtd.lib for Windows.  I can find the lib and link it directly without trouble but I am just to quick to get the latest VS.


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Do you possibly mean VS2018? VS2017 has been released for quite some time. Intel Parallel Studio doesn't yet support VS2018. I recall that there was an issue early on with VS2017 where the UCRT could not be found, but this was resolved in a later Intel update (maybe about a year ago or more.) It's simple enough to add the path to the UCRT library directory under Tools > Options > Intel Compilers > Visual Fortran > Compilers > Library Files. You might try a Reset on that page first to see if that does the trick. Don't forget to change both the Win32 and x64 options.

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