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VS2022 17.1.0 hangs when building Fortran static library

New Contributor II

Using VS2022, when I rebuild my static library from Fortran sources, the debug configuration builds without error. The release configuration hangs after compiling all the source files; the last line in the output window is "Creating library...".

This problem did not occur with VS2022 17.0.6; I am using VS2022 17.1.0.

Task Monitor shows devenv.exe using about 5% of CPU (on a 36-logical processor system).

I need to build the library; is there any workaround for this, or anything I can do to further dx what is going on?

I have created a dump file of devenv, if this will help, but it's about 6 GB. I have attached a file showing the stack and threads for devenv, interrupted by the VS2019 debugger.

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You have the latest update. It crashed a lot of programs including C# so I would move back one or do as I do use 2019.  

There is nothing this forum can do or Intel it is a VS problem, as it is just not Fortran.