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Voiding other libraries has no effect on problem

In order to further investigate this missing entry point issue, I changed the folder names of other sets of libraries.

That purpose was to prevent Visual Studio from attaching any other libraries, since that was a concern.

However, the problem still rears it ugly head.

I felt I could change folder names, rather than going thru the extreme step of uninstalling them.


It appears that whatever libraries get attached (linked, etc)  is completely inflexible,

it depends upon which version of Visual Studio i am using.


so doing stuff with A PATH command is a total waste of time.

For example, when I use Intel Parallel studio XE 2013 SP1, it HAS to use the compilers and libraries 2016.246.4 

Otherwise it cant do any compilations or anything else.

Evidently others have had similar problems with missing entry points.

This problem should be studied very carefully by knowlegable people there.

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Black Belt

You probably changed the

You probably changed the names of folders that Ifort never referenced. There is no known Placebo Effect in this context, so it is perfectly normal that changing the names of unrelated folders had no effect on the build of your program.

Please note that indiscriminately changing folder names can break other things on your computer. It is fine to change names temporarily to test the effect of doing so, as you did, but do not forget to restore the names after completing your experiment.

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Sure, I will change them back

Sure, I will change them back, AFTER the problem si solved.

I just put an "X" after the folder name, its easy to fix that.

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