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WEBSITE and Windows 10 Preview

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The website lists the top kudoed authors, but that is not quite correct as it is for the last 30 days.  I had to look it up as I knew Dr Fortran had more than 10.  

Windows Preview has been around for 6 years, the latest release to the whole world, is 10 Oct where everyone gets the much revised preview from December 2019. Interesting it takes MS ten months to fix the bugs in the preview.  So expect some interesting changes in Oct. 

Although these days the most problems I have are machines on stock standard vanilla windows 10.  


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The web site doesn't care about your OS. It would seem that the "Top kudoed authors" hasn't been updated in a long while. 

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The I notice that the Kudos table on this forum the numbers go up and down, I assumed it relates to the latest period of time only and "Kudos points" die of old age when they gets a week or three old....

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1. No the kudos are the last 30 days as reported on the main page, but they keep track of the kudoes over many periods, I was just intruiged why the went up and down. 

2. Actually the 19042 preview which is the Oct release had quite a few problems with VS and Intel Fortran I remember the pain - hopefully they are sorted out -- but they were not when I moved to the next preview..  probably not a lot of people take preview, VS and IF.  It was more of a note to say after the 10th Oct if you have problems it may be due to the update.  


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