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When will the next edition of oneAPI that support VS2022 release?


Do you have a schedule?

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By the end of this month.

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I am known to hang off the bleeding edge of computer uses, and yes I carry the scars, but I installed VS 2022 and then removed it, as yet it has a number of annoying features that make programming less than enjoyable, a bit like sailing with your mother in a gale, at least it is better than sailing with your brother, but mother used to frown on drinking in a Force 5 blow.  

Intel will have a program, but I doubt they will tell us as VS 2022 is still settling in.  

Stick with VS 2019 and IFORT and you cannot go wrong.  

Many years ago when the Q6600 was released, I asked if I could get one at work.  They said we have the IT supported computers only.  I knew that we had a 400 dollar limit on goods that did not go on the inventory, so I asked for some spare parts, total cost 2000 and nothing over 400. 

Go down to support guy, can you store these spare parts safely in this box so they are not damaged.  Guy looks at me and says but you are making a computer, no I said these are spare parts. By the way once I have my spare parts in my room someone else can have this slightly less than fast computer.   IT looks at me and says, this will be our fastest computer.  

No it is a box of spare parts that has nice blinking lights.  

Three years later I say to IT can I replace some of the spare parts, they ask what are you going to do with your old parts, me : I give them to you to dispose of them legally as they are electronic waste.  

A short sharp fight between 2 IT guys over whose bin the stuff went into.  

I believe it was someone like I D White who said something like, do you want me to follow the rules or win the war.  

My wife once asked me if there were any rules I followed, I said do not drink in front of your mother and get your own beer from the frig as you do not need a butler, keep the garage' frig fully stocked, if a 5 year old asks for a coke, enquire if their mother allows it and when they say no, teach that there are some things mother does not need to know. Always have a spare frig and a spare cooler for the power outages. 

So in answer to your question, with Fortran patience is a necessity.   


Age of the youngest child who ever told me directly -- we do not tell mummy do we, no I said, mummy does not need to know about the kit kat and coke on the way home from preschool.   == Three. 


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By the end of this month.
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I knew Santa was real and now Intel proves it again.