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assembler compatibility with ifort -S

Is there a way to make ml64 or some assembler accept ifort .asm files?  ml64 rejects the code labels beginning with '.'.

I'm looking for a way to test the "ALIGN     16" code alignment directives which come and go with various ifort releases, particularly when AVX2 is set. 

A related confusing issue comes up when setting AVX2 reduces the unrolling.  Opt-report (and Advisor) don't report unrolling when it is not done consistent with Qunroll: or setting.

When I run VTune or Advisor on ifort generated .exe, sometimes where ifort decides to align, the alignments come out different by up to 3 bytes.  This doesn't appear to hurt, even when the loop is placed 3 bytes ahead of an aligned address.

In a few cases where gfortran decides to align code, but ifort doesn't, there may be a 30% speedup with alignment on my Haswell.  I'm guessing it makes Loop Stream Detection more effective.

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My recollection is that on Windows, the .asm files you get from ifort are not usable with ml - that they are for informational purposes only.

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