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conditional compilation of DLLEXPORT attribute

I have a library of routines from which I create an object library (.lib)  and a DLL (.dll).

I currently use a custom pre-processor which removes the  "!DEC$ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT :: name"  statements, (and one or two other DLL-specific statements), when I am compiling for the object library.

I am wondering if I can avoid using a pre-processor.

Would it matter if I left the "!DEC$ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT :: name" statements in when compiling for the object library?


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Having DLLEXPORT directives

Having DLLEXPORT directives in code not built into a DLL is "mostly harmless". The code will work fine, but the linker will create an export library when the executable is linked, which may be annoying.

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You could use module

You could use module definition files or command line options to specify the procedures to export, as an alternative to DLLEXPORT directives.

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