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error #6236: A specification statement cannot appear in the executable section



I am writing a user subroutine, UMAT, for Abaqus where I need the UMAT subroutine to update and use my own specified stiffness matrix and solution dependent state variables.

I am attaching the fortran file. This is the error message I am getting!

umat_sdvini4.f(41): error #6236: A specification statement cannot appear in the executable section.
      integer i, j
 Intel(R) Fortran 15.0-1684
compilation aborted for umat_sdvini4.f (code 1)

If any of you can help, that would be great!

Thank you very much,

Mousumi Ghosh

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You need to use the double colon in declarations that contain initializations. For example,

     real :: f_i=1.0e-10

Without that double colon, in fixed form source, that statement is the same as

     realf_i = 1.0e-10

which sets the implicitly typed variable realf_i to the value.

Make sure that no source line extends beyond column 72, or use a compiler option to allow longer lines.