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ifort problems with i686 linux.


I have latest ifort build 7, on i686 linux i.e. sabayon linux. But unfortunately some codes were not compiled but same code works perfect with i386 linux i.e. ubuntu with same ifort.

I have intel core2duo laptop. Is this much generalised information is sufficient or should I have to upload codes? Same problem with slackopup i.e. Puppy with slackware compatibility.

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No, this information is not enough, for the following reason.
Usually, the best scenario for tracking down bugs is with a "reproducer", i.e., a short example that displays the claimed problem, with information available as to which compiler version on which OS version exhibits the problem. Given that there are scores of Linux distributions in use, the probability is slim that a reader of this forum or the Intel people have exactly the same distributions as you do.
Secondly, since it is not true that every code fails to compile on any given Linux version, if you do not provide a reproducer and do not even state what "not compiled" means, again there is no hope of receiving helpful answers.