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ifort: warning #10145: no action performed for file 'A.obj'


I am under windows (as the obj extension shows).

I have two valid .f90 files `A.f90` and `B.f90` (place in the same folder) where `B.f90` uses `A.f90`, the code of `B.f90` being :

module B
use A
! ... stuff

The code of `A.f90` is 

module A
! ... stuff

I compile `A.f90` with :

ifort -c -fpp A.f90

Now I would like to compile `B.f90` "while taking accound of" `A.f90`, that is, of its `.obj` file.

So I tried :

ifort -c B.f90 A.obj

which throws

ifort: warning #10145: no action performed for file 'A.obj'

at me.

Is the command

ifort -c B.f90

proper to compile `B.f90` "while taking accound of" `A.f90`, that is, of its `.obj` file ?

I would like B.f90 it to be compiled "as A.f90 is", as in fact I have a third C.f90(containing a use B) and that at the end I must run the command :

ifort -dll toto.dll A.o B.o C.o

to compile a dll while linking to all object files from A, B, C.

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When  you use "-c", as you did in this line:
   ifort -c B.f90 A.obj

you're telling the compiler you only want to create an object file, not an executable.

If B is using a module defined in A, you don't need to compile against the object file; the module information is stored in a file called A.mod.

For Windows, mod files are found in the INCLUDE path, or by passing the directory location using either /module:directory-path, or /include:directory-path

     Does this help?


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