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migration from Compaq visual Fortran 6.1 (CVF) to Intel Visual Fortran (IVF)

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inquire about my problem regarding migration from Compaq visual Fortran 6.1 (CVF) to Intel Visual Fortran (IVF).

Actually, I am using Intel Visual Fortran composer XE with IMSL compiler and my 64 bit OS is Win 7.0 professional service pack 1.0. Furthermore, please be informed that the CVF source code was been written by CVF 6.1 on  32 bit OS Win 7.0 professional service pack 1.0

So, first I tried to convert the .dsw file but I faced with an error which tells:

The file has been corrupted and cannot be opened.

So, what are my choices right now? Any helpful comment is highly appreciated. I sent you a sample of my CVF file.

Looking forward to hearing from you

With the best regards,


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The problem is not with your source file, but rather the project (.dsp) file. This error happens occasionally but it is not at all clear (nor consistent) what causes it.

The easiest resolution is to just create a new project and add your source files to it. I would recommend this instead of conversion unless your project was complex and had dependencies on CVF-default behavior such as STDCALL libraries.

If you still want to convert, attach a zip of your .dsw and .dsp files and I'll see if I can do it for you - sometimes that works.

For more information on migrating from CVF to Intel Fortran, see 

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Black Belt

The source code that you attached to #1 has at least the following error: the PROGRAM statement is in the wrong place -- it should be located after the end of the module code. I don't think that CVF would have accepted the code with that error, either.

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