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oneAPI Upgrade


We are currently using different Intel Fortran compiler versions (version nos:13,15,17,18) for different projects.


Will upgrade to Intel one API impact in using these versions?

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Yes and No. when you install OneApi it will ask to integrate into any compatible Visual studio version installed.  In any VS you choose it will become the 'latest' compiler and you will get the latest VS integrations.  For most of the vesions you list there will be no common compatible VS anyway. Read the release notes!


Thanks for the response. Could you please share the release notes link? My understanding is that we upgrade to oneAPI from IPS XE , there will be given new serial number and older S/N will be retarded.

However License files of the older versions will be available on the systems and I can access and use the license anytime.
But if we want to install the license on new system, we need to use new S/N of oneAPI . Please help to clarify on the same.


If you install PSXE on new system, yes, you will need the new serial number.

As Steve says below, oneAPI compilers do not need or use license or serial numbers for installation.

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There are no license files/serial numbers for the oneAPI compilers - they are free. If you have current support licenses, they continue to be valid. But it would be best to save a copy of the license file and use that for installation rather than the serial number.

The one thing you do need to be aware of is that if you install the oneAPI compiler and have VS2017 or later, the integration it installs will not allow you to select compilers more than three versions back. You can avoid issues here by customizing the install to not install the oneAPI compiler in VS2017. Any VS older than that will be unaffected.

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I do recommend using a license file rather than serial number, unless you are installing the exact same version you bought. The reason is that the version is encoded in the serial number, and even if you have rights to install a newer version, the install will fail. Choosing to install with a license file will work (assuming that you are not installing a compiler built after the end support date in the license.)