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parallel studio for fortran install error


An error occured during installation of "Parallel studio XE 2019 update 2 composer edition for fortran" on windows 10.

Into the install phase of "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Files for Intel Visual Fortran", an error ocured and then rolled back installation.

Following is part of attached logs.

MSI (s) (18:80) [10:18:55:452]: Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Files for Intel Visual Fortran -- An error occured during installation of Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015 Shell. Setup will now exit.

Please let me know how can I solve this problem.

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The simplest solution would be to install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition and then install Parallel Studio XE (there are newer versions than the one you're using.)  You will also want to read

Unfortunately the install of VS Shell is largely a "black box" from Microsoft and errors during its install are difficult to diagnose.