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problem with optimization flags


I am encountering a strange problem with the fortran intel 17.0.0 compiler (as obtained through “ifort –v”) when compiling with optimization flags with arrays.
After a series of tests I created the following very simple code to test what is happening.

 program matrix_define

     implicit none

     integer, parameter :: dimen = 3
     real*8 :: A(2, dimen)
     real*8 :: x(3,dimen)

     x(1,1) = 5.d0
     x(1,2) = 2.d0
     x(1,3) = 1.d0

     x(2,1) = 1.d0
     x(2,2) = 2.d0
     x(2,3) = 3.d0

     x(3,1) = 0.d0
     x(3,2) = 0.d0
     x(3,3) = 0.d0

    A(2,1:3) = x(1,1:3) - x(2,1:3)
    A(1,1:3) = x(3,1:3) - x(2,1:3)

    write(*,*) A(1,1:3)
    write(*,*) A(2,1:3)

    end program  matrix_define

As you notice it is a very simple test. It mainly consists of defining the components of a two-dimensional array A(2,3). When I compile using “ifort” without any flags the program assigns the correct values for all A-array elements.
However, when compiling with “ifort –fast” the output values of A are messed up:
The element A(1,2)  has the value of A(2,1) while A(2,1) and all other element values are as they should.

I have tested the same code with the same options with intel fortran 12.0 and 10.0 and no problem appears.

Is it possible that there a problem in arrays with optimization flags in intel fortran 17.0?

Thank you very much for your time and efforts!


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With my copy of 17.0.1 64-bit, I get the same result with or without -fast.  It does emphasize that you are right not to set -fast blindly.

I have frequently got bad results in recent compilers with combinations of options which are set by -fast, although I don't like to use the entire group.  I had an IPS problem report on the subject which was removed from my view recently without notice, so perhaps the compiler team believes it has been corrected.