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qopt-report not working in ifort 18

I am compiling my code like so

ifort -c -check -g -debug extended -debug-parameters -traceback -u -fp-stack-check -warn -guide -qopt-report=5 phenology_driv.f90
ifort: remark #10397: optimization reports are generated in *.optrpt files in the output location

However after compilation ends the file phenology_driv.optrpt only shows

Intel(R) Advisor can now assist with vectorization and show optimization
  report messages with your source code.
See "" for details.

Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20170811

Compiler options: -c -check -g -debug extended -debug-parameters -traceback -u -fp-stack-check -warn -guide -qopt-report=5

In the project there are also a couple of C files and despite those being compiled with the same flags they actually contain report details.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Yes I guess I was doing

Yes I guess I was doing something wrong in that I had no optimization flags... 

Strange though that for the C files report was produced even with -O0.

However now I am faced with another issue: it takes an extremely long time to produce the outputs. I have one file (which admittedly is too long, around 30k lines) and since a couple of hours the compiler is stuck there.

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As you tacked this on to a

As you tacked this on to a subject with little relationship, without any details, you may not get at most generalities for answers.  Such a file may be too large to build with full optimizations; in particular, you might set -fno-inline-functions (assuming it has more than 1 procedure of significant size).

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Yes, Sorry. I posted an

Yes, Sorry. I posted an initial question but then realized my mistake. In fact since there are tens of files but just one that is that large. So I can easily set -O0 for that one and work first on the rest.
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