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your father's Fortran

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Yesterday I read a post in Fortran. Discourse that said that modern Fortran was not your father's Fortran. 

Then I read a post from 2005, about a Fortran Programmer who had 40 years experience in Fortran II and IV.

Here is a picture of a Fortran programmer who will not learn the language until at least 2032, she can program into the next century. 


yes she is related and no Santa surprises for guessing how.  

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SLICOT is a Fortran program from 2005.  It does subspace stuff for dynamic analysis.  

The source files are set up for NMAKE.  I have never used NMAKE, and would prefer to update to a VS 2022 IFX.  

Has anyone ever used the following program to do that ::


The program is written in Visual Fortran 

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It looks like you can create a Solution with multiple Projects.

The first project is a library (perhaps static), to create slicot.lib from the *.f files in src.


While you could add additional projects, one for each example .exe, I suggest you maybe pick one or a few representative from the examples or examples77 folder, just for testing, exploring, modifying the slicot.lib *.f files.


For the bulk of the examples/examples77, continue to use nmake to make the 100's of sample programs.


You will have to mess around to get your environment (directories) setup for VS, but that is only a onetime struggle.


Jim Dempsey


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Thanks.  I only want one of the programs.  Now to find it.  

Everybody does this in matlab, I hate teaching students matlab, teach them Fortran.  

Matlab is an easy teaching program it is not a real tool.  Professors are lazy 

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