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Can not analyze any apps - no errors.



I've been using the "Analyze Application" program to run a DX9 Windows game. I'm currently on Windows 10 and was previously on Windows 8.1. Previously, my older version of INDE worked fine on almost every program I needed, but since upgrading I have not been able to analyze any programs.

To be specific, if I launch the game I want, none of the charts/graphs or otherwise appear, and none of the short cuts seem to take effect. (Control + F1 does nothing either.) I have even tested on the example programs, the racing game and the other test program and similarly no luck.

When I originally saw that it was no longer working, I installed an up to date version, and that still does not work.

I'm really not sure what to do or what the issue could be. I know previously there were issues when I had other applications that attempt to hook onto the game, such as programs like Bandicam or otherwise, but I have disabled Bandicam and don't know what else would interfere.

Any advice or suggestions on how I might get this fixed? It's very strange that this has started happening.

Thanks guys,


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Hi Dan, 

I'm sorry that you are having all these issue.   Unfortunately, we do not fully support Win 10 in the current release.   As you have seen, Windows has changed some of the underlying infrastructure we used to capture metrics.  This is why you do not see any metrics in the HUD and won't see any metrics in System Analyzer either.   

The good news is, is that we should be releasing gold support for Win 10 within a month or so.  Does this time frame work for you?  If this is a showstopper,  I can see what I can do about getting you an early development build that has support for the features you might need.  



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