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Frame Analyzer: Inconsistent Values?


I'm seeing very different numbers when opening the same file, on the same machine, without other programs running in the background.
For example: Full Frame approx. 19000µs one time, 35000µs another, and 21000µs another.

Why are these numbers so different, considering the files and environment are the same? Is this a software issue? What can be done to determine which analysis is most accurate?

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Hello Cami, 

Graphics Frame Analyzer replays the frame every time you open it so the Full Frame value can vary each time you open that frame. To achieve more consistent values I suggest turning on developer mode on your machine which allows us to set the GPU frequency to a more stable state and the full frame duration will be more consistent. You can turn on developer mode in Windows by going into the "Settings" then selecting "Update & Security" then by selecting "For Developers". The should be a button next the "Developer mode" option that will allow you to toggle developer mode on. 


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