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GLES app using GLX instead of EGL hangs Frame Analyzer


I'm trying to launch an OpenGL ES application from Frame Analyzer on Linux.

While apps that request GLES context with EGL work just fine, application that uses GLX instead simply makes Frame Analyzer hang after pressing "Start". The application's window doesn't even appear, and its process shows up in the system as <defunct>.

I've just tested it with GPA 18.1.320246, however, I've already seen this behaviour with earlier versions as well.

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Hi Sebastian

Sorry for the delay in response. Currently we do not officially support OpenGL ES applications on Desktop (we do on Android devices). Any sort of functionality that you see for OpenGL ES with EGL is not technically supported or tested and we do not have documentation for it. We only support GLX for OpenGL applications, not OpenGL ES (either mobile or desktop).

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