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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer 2021.3 Release is Out!


Hello All, 

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2021.3!

You can download Intel® GPA 2021.3 for FREE from the Intel® GPA homepage.

Watch the full release video here!

What’s new?

Graphics Frame Analyzer:

  • Open a frame from multiqueue Microsoft DirectX* 12 applications using the Multiframe View window and analyze a frame in detail.
  • Search through and select resources quickly using the updated central panel for stream and frame captures.
  • Visualize the state structure for stream files in a way that is similar to the structure of DirectX 12 headers using the new combined state view for pipeline state objects (PSO) and non-PSOs.

Graphics Trace Analyzer:

  • Added tracing for multi-CPU systems. 
  • Added Media SDK support. Added media ITT events into thread tracks and visualized relations between these events and UMD queues with arrows. 
  • Implemented OpenGL screenshot capturing for the trace files. In OpenGL trace file preview, you can now see an actual screenshot captured from the application instead of a generic icon. 
  • Added the ability to copy data from Summary Table to clipboard. 
  • Improved the timeline initialization. Now trace loading time can be reduced up to 25%. 

Intel® GPA Framework:

  • Capture, replay, and analyze streams from workloads that use the Sampler Feedback and Mesh Shaders feature of DirectX 12 Ultimate.
  • Improved support for deferred stream capture and playback for Direct3D* 12 applications.
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