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The game exe disappears from the profiling window


The game exe disappears from the profiling window with in a second. This issue is occurring from today only and was not occurring earlier.

I confirm that all the supporting drivers are updated.

Could you please provide a workaround for the issue?

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Hi Neeraj,

I am sorry you are having issues with GPA.  

I'd be happy to see if there is a workaround for you, but I do need some info before I can look into this.  Can you provide me the info in the 'About Dialog' for GPA?  I am assuming you are on a Windows machine here - Make sure Monitor is running -> click on the monitor icon in the system tray -> click on About -> Either copy the info out of the window that pops up or click  the 'Save as' button.

If you are on a different OS, if you could let me know which OS and which GPA version you are using that would help.

Also, which application are you attempting to connect to?

And finally, have you changed anything in your setup between when this was working and when it stopped working?


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