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Intel FPGA Cloud OpenVINO Inference

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Hi, is it possible to use Intel FPGA Cloud to run deep learning classification task from Openvino on Arria 10 GX PAC?


When I tried running "aocl diagnose", I am able to locate the Arria 10 PAC, but when running "" by OpenVINO, I could not detect Arria 10 PAC. The problem causes trouble when running inference and targeting "FPGA" as the designated device.


python -m "C:\Users\EH\Desktop\DIR_2021Y_03M30D_15H35M28S\output_mo_bgr_lts\frozen_graph.xml" -i "D:\MyFiles\runPython\idc_bcc_20210317\datasets_bks\testing\1\SOB_M_DC-14-2523-40-019.png" -d FPGA


2021-04-30 04_07_53-Window.png

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