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AVX Power consumption (on i5)


Dear all,

Is there any data on how much more power is consumed when using the AVX, specifically on an i5 ? Where can I get some data on the i5 power consumption of power at peak floating point processing without the use of AVX, and the use of AVX.


I would expect it to look like something in the order of 55w without AVX, 60w with AVX. This is a total assumption only and I would appreciate anyone with some quantitative opinions to list here.


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I do not know if Intel CPU has dedicated MSR register for measuring heat dissipation per specific instruction type(Probably not).I was thinking about the measuring heat dissipation per package in joules in MSR_PKG_ENERGY_STATUS register and dividing it per retired instruction count.Later you can also calculate with the help of VTune counter ratio of the FP_SIMD instruction to total instruction retired count and obtain average power rather crude measurement of power per instruction.

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