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AVX-ready 3D application just released

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As part of the normal update ofa web-based 3D application,we have includedan AVX path intoday's official release, since after extensive validation it proved stable (well within SDE at least). The application is based on a pure software renderer and fall back to SSE if no AVX hardware/emulator is found.

You can try it here:

click "Try the free online demo !" at the lower right, then log inas explained in the tutorial at the left, after the installation click the Open button at the upper left and select "Sample Planogram project" and click Open, you can then select the Rotate/Pan/Zoom tools to interact with the 3D scene

to run it in the AVX emulator you have to launch IE like in this example :
C:\sde\sde.exe -- "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

NB: I'm not a big fan of spamming forums to advertise my stuff, but I think the technical achievement (a complete realtime 3D rendering engine ported to AVX roughly 1 year before availability of chips)may be of interest to some people here.
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