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About i7 2700k CPU and RAM

About RAM operative memory. I already have GIGABYTE P67X motherboard with socket 1155 which supports more than 1333MHz and above 1600MHz(including), Chieftec 850W 80+ and Kingston 2x4GB 1.65v 1600MHz X.M.P CL9 T1 module, and i7 2700k, i have to wait to get it, and as i know, all i7's recomended memory is 1066 - 1333MHz, of course it is recomended, and as i know that " K " stands for overclocking specificcaly, that my intentions are for overclocking it, and as i know that i7 needs memory voltage or can support those who have 1.5v , those who are above like i have 1.65v are...actually i don't know what they are, is it really bad , or what? Because T1 module from Kingston specializing for i7's , and it's not making any sense if moderboard supports more than 1333MHz of memory, Kingston T1 module specializing for i7's and is making more than 1333MHz's RAM's with 1.65v and knowing that recomended from CPU is only 1.5v and 1066-1333MHz frequency, i want to know that i will get those 1600MHz's and without any worrying about CPU condition after changing the votage, dunno that detailed these things, but...can i make that CPU allows 1.65v instead of 1.5 for memory and get those 1600MHz with out worrying about anything that will go off ? Because i want to use those 1600MHz with out worrying about those 1.5 and 1.65v. Of course with good cooling system it give more life time for CPU even if it is OC, like having Zalman CNPS12X CPU cooler. Any advice and tips please of how i could make to have those 1600MHz that will run smoothly with with out worrying about 1.5 or 1.65v , should i reduce the voltage of RAM or should i give more voltage for CPU to get those 1.65v for RAM using ?
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This forum is about writing and tuning software for Intel architecture. There are separate forums about hardware configuration and trouble shooting at this web site. For example in the Desktop Boards forum, they might be able to help you.

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Jesus Christ...

1. Use new paragraph when you type, your post is barely readable

2. Ask in a proper place next time, this is a software forum, not hardware

3. Do not change voltage above 1.65V and all will be fine
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