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Black screen after booting up? Intel® HD Graphics 2500


So my pc is working and all but when i install the graphics driver and reboot..

Sometimes i see the login screen for a sec and then goes blanck (resolution and everything looks normal) but then it goes black.

First of all I must say it worke at first i think but i had issues and i reinttalled  couple of times it oent work.

Next if i try to instll the driver wwheter from cd or the latest it says this system does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

But I sort of forced it to install it using the device  manager and thats where we get to the problem. Also the pc sometimes when i left it to run with a black screen turns off.

System specs:

win 7 64bit

intel core i5 3450S

Intel h67m motherboard

400W power s.

300gb ssd

4gb ddr3 1333 ram

i  can make a vid of what happens.


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