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Does Non-Temporal Load/Store Hints have different behavior for WC, WB memory type?


I'm a little confused about the Non-Temporal hints as below, could any expert help to give some comment?

Non-Temporal hints is used for scenario where data maybe used only once. it could help to avoid cache pollution.


1. From <<Intel software develop manual>>, it seems that Non-Temporal hint are mostly apply to memory region of WC(write combine) type, but WC type is inherently un-cacheable. why we still need NT hints ?

2. What's the detail behavior when we use NT hints to load and store.

3. What's the difference when the target memory type is WB and WC?


1. Intel SDM volume2, movntxxx instruction description.


3.  I also do some experiment on i5-2400 for WB memory type, it seems that NT store hints work as desired, but NT Load have no effect.


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