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Estimating of interrupt latency on the x86 CPUs

Hi all.

I looking for the info that can help in estimating interrupt latencies on x86 CPUs. The very usefull paper was found at "". But this paper opened a very important question for me: how can be defined the delay provided by waiting of completion of the current instruction? I mean delay between recognition of the INTR signal and executing of INTR micro-code. As I remember, the Intel Software developer manual also tells something about waiting of completion of the currently executing instruction. But it also tells something about that the some of the instructions can be interrupted in progress. And the main question is: how the maximum completion instruction waiting length can be defined for the particular processor. Estimation in core ticks and memory access operations is needed, not in seconds or microseconds. The cache and TLD misses, and other such stuff that can influence to the waiting should be considered.

This estimation is needed to investigate the possibility of implementing small critical sections that will not influence to the interrupt latency. To achive this the length of the critical section must be below or equal to the length of the most longest uninterruptable instruction of CPU.

Any kinds of help are very welcome. If you know some papers that can be helpfull, please, share the links to it.
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