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PlaidML - What does the __k<number> suffix on kernel names in the PlaidML benchmarks mean?


When profiling the PlaidML benchmarks, I found that the same kernel was appearing many times, but each time followed by a unique suffix in the form of __k### where ### is a number. The same kernel would appear with a different __k suffix, but when examining the ISA code generated by the compiler, only one version of the kernel is compiled. For example in densenet169, kernel_c149_sdk_7 appears with 82 different names. Each name has kernel_c149_sdk_7 in it, but is followed by __k### with different numbers.​

What is the significance of the __k## suffix? Are these kernels the same or is there different assembly generated for them?

​Here is the list of kernels called by densenet169 for reference:
I simply counted the occurrences of each unique kernel name, starting at row 398 you can see the kernel_c149_sdk_7 I am referring to.

Thank you for your time.

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