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typo in documentation, description of loop instruction

Reference: page "Vol. 2A 3-543". The line marked with ?---> omits usage of the "DEST" operand. IF BranchCond = 1 THEN IF OperandSize = 32 THEN EIP ← EIP + SignExtend(DEST); ELSE IF OperandSize = 64 THEN RIP ← RIP + SignExtend(DEST); FI; ELSE IF OperandSize = 16 ?---> THEN EIP ← EIP AND 0000FFFFH; FI; FI; IF OperandSize = (32 or 64) THEN IF (R/E)IP < CS.Base or (R/E)IP > CS.Limit #GP; FI; FI; FI; ELSE Terminate loop and continue program execution at (R/E)IP; FI;
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