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C# .NET & IPP Pocket PC 5.0: MissingMethodException?

Hey folks,

I'm having a rather tough time trying to get Intel IPP dll's to work via my pocket pc while using C# .NET VS 2003. The architecture is fine, ARM920T PXA27x (it's an iPAQ HX2790, brand new), so I can't think of what I'm doing wrong.

Any functions I call are throwing a MissingMethodException. The DLL's are both in the running folder of the program on the device, and in Windows on the device. They are: ippSP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll, and ippSP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll. One such function I attempt to call is:

[DllImport("ippSP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll")] public static extern
IppStatus ippsToneQ15_16s ( short *pDst, int len, IppToneState_16s *pToneState );

I copied that straight out of the example on the Intel website. And, as I said, it throws the MissingMethodException.

Any thoughts? Am I giving enough information for you folks to help?
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We did not test C# sample on Compact Framework from MSVC .NET 2003. So, can not say for sure if it should work in such configuration or not.

One of the reasons for missed method message might be difference in functionality between IPP for IA and IPP for PCA. Could you reduce number of IPP wrappers to only those functions which are presened in IPP for PCA?


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Were you able to get this working? I'm having some trouble using the Intel Mobile SDK for Pocket PC. I installed the CAB file on the device emulator, but when I try to create the CapabilityClass, I get the MissingMethodException as well. I'm using the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 in Visual Studio 2005. The managed code works fine up until it hits the Mobile SDK functions.
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