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Color enhancements with IPP


Hello there!

How can i achieve some color enhancements with the Intels IPP library?

I'm working with RGB32 images and in particular would like to:

  1. Raise/lower the single "RGB channels" 
    This could this be achieved via "Image Arithmetic and Logical Operations", i think.
    Just "Add"/"Sub" values from RGB channels. Right?

  2. Adjust  "color temperature"
    Not sure about this, but i red some advices to devise my own stratagy, changing the color between red and blue. 
    Any idea/comments about the most common/practical way to do it?
  3. Raise/lower "black color" value 
    Well i suspect the color space conversion to HLS and adjsuting the "lightness" (L) value, than back to RGB?!?!
  4. Adjust "color saturation" 
    color space conversion to HLS and adjsuting the "saturation" (S) value, than back to RGB?
  5. Gamma correction
    Isn't the same as "adjustment of black color"?!?!
  6. Adjust "contrast"
    A combination of simultaneously admjustment of "saturation" and "lightness"?
    higher contras -> higher saturation + lower lightness ?
    lower contras -> lower saturation + higher lightness ?


Thank You very much in advance!




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