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Composer_update5 and cryptography



I'm running "Parallel Studio" on Vista32 with latest updates from Microsoft.

I installed the software in following order.

1. VS2008 Express

2. Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (Upgrade)

3. Parallel Studio Service Pack 1 (parallel_studio_sp1_setup)

4. Composer update5 (composer_update5_setup)

4.1 composer_static_ipp_update5_ia32_setup

4.2 composer_static_ipp_update5_intel64_setup

5. Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition update 11.1.060 Update 5 (w_cproc_p_11.1.060)

This system works, I can compile projects and use both compilers without any problems.


I did download the Crypto IPP files on 26.12.2009 ,latest of all updates of them is composer_crypto_ipp_update4_ia32_setup(Dateiversion, Produktversion

You must have a valid Intel Parallel Composer license key to install and use the Intel IPP Cryptography library for Parallel Composer.


Now I know from Jennifer I must deinstall "Intel C++ Professional Edition" before I cando any update of "Parallel Studio".

6. I deinstalled "Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition"

7. I installed the Cryptography (composer_crypto_ipp_update4_ia32_setup)

but this had no success, it ended with a message like this:You must first installIPP for application on running IA-32, version6.1.072 before installing Cryptography for the integrated Perf...

Checking Product dependencies

8. I installed "Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition update 11.1.060 Update 5" again and tried the composer_crypto_ipp_update4_ia32_setup again, but same error as above is shown.

if I'm looking at:

C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Parallel Studio\\Composer\\ipp\\ia32\\bin

the firstfile ippac-6.1.dllshows: Dateiversion: Produktversion:

C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Compiler\\11.1\\060\\ipp\\ia32\\bin

the file ippac-6.1.dllshows: Dateiversion: Produktversion:

now i havesome questions:

1. how is the correct installation order ?

2. where can I see which version of IPP is installed ?

3. must the versions number ofIPP and Cryptographyequalto each other to getsucess installation ?

any hints are welcome


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Hello Heinz,

I apologize for the confusion surrounding installation of the crypto library. The crypto install does require that it see a "matching" base product installation in place before you can install the crypto portion of the library. The actual bits inside each IPP crypto add-on, whether for Compiler Pro, Parallel Studio, or IPP stand-alone, are the same, but the install insists on seeing it's matching base product installed first. (We're trying to simplify this in the next major release.)

Since you appear to be a Compiler Pro customer you should also be able to download the standalone version of the library, and the standalone crypto package. Are you able to see the standalone product in the registration center as a download item? Similar to what's shown in the images on this KB article.

If so, you can also just download the standalone copy of the IPP library, install it, then install the corresponding standalone copy of the IPP crypto add-on. You can do all this after installing Compiler Pro and/or Parallel Studio. The library will be located in a different place (not underneath either Compiler Pro or Parallel Studio) but can be used from that location. Might require a little bit more effort to setup your project files, but if you're comfortable with this approach it will work.

In the meantime, the compiler forum will likely be better prepared to answer the install questions surrounding the problem, I'm not real clear on what their install does or what it requires before it allows the crypto add-on to install.

Regarding your questions:

1.) Other than, you need to install the crypto package AFTER the corresponding base product, I'm not sure, check with the compiler folks for interactions regarding Compiler Pro and Parallel Studio installs. The IPP standalone library doesn't care about install order (other than main IPP library before crypto package). No IPP library environment/build variables are setup in your environment (other than PATH pointing to the DLLs), there's a batch file in the IPP directories that will configure your environment for reference by makefiles and/or project files (if you use the IPPROOT env variable, which I recommend).

2.) For a standalong IPP library installation the version number is in the directory names. For example, (6.1.4 is the version number). For the Compiler Pro product see the table in this KB article for version information.

3.) Yes, the version numbers between your base product and the IPP crypto package must match.

Hope this helps,


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