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Dose IPP mpeg4 encoder support OpenMP?

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Your Excellency :

I have tried the IPP codes samples ( ) for mpeg4.

That is said , this encoder is support openMP :

Threading Capabilities

The MPEG-4 Encoder creates threads if it is compiled by compiler which supports the OpenMP. The _OPENMP macro must be defined during compilation. The number of threads is controlled via numThreads value of VideoEncoderParam during initialization stage. Synchronization is done by internal OpenMP IPPEncoder.rar mechanism

Then I tried converting .yuv to .mpg, I found the run time is no different whatever openmp is on/off.

Then I trace the code: Seems the bottlenecks do not be processed by OpenMP float.

, So, may anyone could give me a comment? if it is my wrong .. or that is nature?

Please reference the attached file(win XP, VC 2005), thank you.

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Oh, it is my stupid, that is :



pParams->info.bitrate = bitrate;

pParams->numThreads = 1;

pParams->info.framerate = framerate

of course, it always enables ONE threads..... =.=

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