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Feature Requests - MinEveryC, DotProd_32f64f64f, AddProductC_64f

Hope this is the right place. I tried searching for these and didn't come up with anything.
MinEveryC - Limit the values in a vector to the provided constant value - of course, MaxEveryC, and in-place variants as well
DotProd_32f64f64f - the dot product of a 32f vector and 64f vector stored in a 64f result
AddProductC_64f - the 32f version exists. This is easily implemented with MulC_64_I and Add_64f_I, but if there were an advantage to be had, it would be nice to have.
Thanks for listening!
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Some time ago there was a post regarding reducing number of functions in IPP.You know, that the library is
huge, there are many domains, and in total there are ~12,000 functions. As far as I know Intel is trying to
reduce the number of domains andfunctions in order to ease maintenance andtesting. Also, in the wake of
that challenging task some domains, like Speach Recognition,are deleted in alatest version of IPPand some
customers are complaning about it. So,you've got the idea.

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