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Finding the largest matching rectangle between two 8-bit images



Say there are two images A and B, where B is part of A centered around a matching pixel P. B is not necessarily entirely contained within A, but is guaranteed to contain part of A.

I would like to find the largest matching rectangle of B within A. I have implemented various non-IPP algorithms that does this in a relatively efficient manner, but would like to see whether IPP can help in anyway.

I've looked at the IPP function list and nothing seems to do what I want, which is effectively to find an ROI (most take an ROI as input!). ippiCompare_8u returns an 8-bit bitmap with 0xFF for a matching pixel, and 0 for a mismatched pixel. Finding the largest rectangle is then possible, however, a suitable maximal rectangle algorithm needs to be used which is time consuming.

Is there a combination of IPP functions that will give me what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Muhammad,

I would suggest you have a check on the OpenCV libraries if there is any functions that can meet your requirements.  IPP basically is the low level primitives, and it does not include the high algorithms for the computer vision library.   OpenCV library includes high level algorithms implementation, for example, the Template Matching can use to match the image rectangle between the images:



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