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Getting Null Pointer Error (-8) with OpenCV + ippiFilterBoxBorder


Hello, I'm trying to run some initial test with Intel IPP / FilterBox operator (version 2018 3.1), starting from an image opened with OpenCV.

I readed how to use it from, basically I do the following:

- Open the image with OpenCV, grayscale
- call ippiFilterBoxBorderGetBufferSize, no errors here
- call ippsMalloc_8u to allocate buffer
- call ippiFilterBoxBorder_8u_C1R, this one returns -8 error (Null Pointer)

I can't underrstand why I receive the -8 error, while there are no Null data around and sizes are ok. Is it something related to OpenCV? I used that method after reding this:

Any ideas? Here is the code, thank you!


cv::Mat a = cv::imread("test.jpg", CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE);
int a_type = a.type(); // CV_8U
int a_channels = CV_MAT_CN(a.type()); // 1
cv::Mat res_ipp = a.clone(); // prepare the results starting from a copy of a

IppiSize srcSize = { a.cols, a.rows };
IppiSize kernelSize = { 51, 51 };
Ipp8u* pBuffer = NULL;
int bufSize = 0;
IppStatus s = NULL;
std::string ss;

s = ippiFilterBoxBorderGetBufferSize(srcSize, kernelSize, IppDataType::ipp8u, a_channels, &bufSize);
ss = ippGetStatusString(s); // no error here
pBuffer = ippsMalloc_8u(bufSize);

bool ac = a.isContinuous(); // returns TRUE
bool rc = res_ipp.isContinuous(); // returns TRUE
Ipp8u* a_p = a.ptr<Ipp8u>(); // not NULL
int a_step = (int)a.step; // equals to width of a
Ipp8u* res_p = res_ipp.ptr<Ipp8u>(); // not NULL
int res_step = (int)res_ipp.step; // equals to width of res_ipp

s = ippiFilterBoxBorder_8u_C1R(a_p, a_step, res_p, res_step, srcSize, kernelSize, IppiBorderType::ippBorderConst, 0, pBuffer);
ss = ippGetStatusString(s); // !!!! Null Pointer Error (-8)
if (pBuffer) ippsFree(pBuffer);




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ippiFilterBoxBorder_8u_C1R has next API
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippiFilterBoxBorder_8u_C1R,(const Ipp8u* pSrc, int srcStep, Ipp8u* pDst, int dstStep,IppiSize roiSize,
    IppiSize maskSize, IppiBorderType border,const Ipp8u* borderValue, Ipp8u* pBuffer))
where const Ipp8u* borderValue is pointer but not value.
Thanks for use of IPP library.
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That was easy! Thank you, solved.

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