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H264 codec some problems with sample decoder!

Hello all!
I download trial IPP, and I liked to see how work H264 decoder.
Ok! After unpacking all compiles without any problem! GOOD!
(I openumc_h264_dec_con.2010 project and work with it )
First I prepared a few video files (converted h264 codec), for convertation I use some external utility, but when I open try to open it doesn't happens!!! Why???
I started searching why it happens, but I didn't find any !! :(
All video files that I'am try to open inumc_h264_dec_con, give me error "Video Decoder creation failed"
It corrups in this code, How I understand my new video files (files that I converted to H264) has not right Header:
H264VideoDecoderParams params;
if (UMC_OK != h264Decoder->GetInfo(&params))
vm_string_printf(__VM_STRING("Video Decoder creation failed\\n")); return -1;

How I convert my avi or any video to right format? I.e. forumc_h264_dec_con program works correctly with this video file?
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What is the format of your video files?
If you are using AVI files, You may want to look at the UMC splitter information available here: