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Hardware accelerated MPEG4 decoding and H264 encoding



I wonder, if hardware accelerated H264 encoder and MPEG4 decoder will be included in IPP with next releases?

Or is it supported only with Media SDK? If yes, is there any plan for Media SDK to include support for hardware accelerated MPEG4 decoder?

Thanks in advance

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The IPP library only provides software media features that take advantage of core CPU features (such as SIMD instructions,pipeline execution orderand cache coherency).

There are no plans, at this time, to include hardware acceleration features as part of the IPP library. Hardware acceleration for our silicon (system on chip, accelerated graphics, etc.) is generally provided by the respective hardware development groups. Providing support for all of these devices on a range of operating systems within the IPP library would very quickly becomes a heavy task, and you'd probably never see a new instance of the library because we'd be spending all of our time testing!

Media SDK is a special case that provides a combination of hardware and software acceleration, but only for Windows Vista and later versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is not available for Linux or any other operating system. Unfortunately, I do not know what future plans exist for Media SDK codec support; please watch the Media SDK forum and web pages for announcements regarding any future plans.

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