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Howto copy data into videorender

Hello All,

I'm facing the problem that the video that I show using the videoRender has a incorrect pitch.

What I'm doing is:

Retrieve compressed video data from splitter.
decode with mpeg2decoder.

store decoded video frame for later use.
Retrieve stored frame.

lock video render with local buffer
copy retrieved video frame in local buffer
unlock video render with local buffer

and show on display.

What I notice in my debugger is that the plane pitch of the local buffer is changed
when I call lock on the video render( from 720 to 1024). Thus when I copy the retrieved video frame
into the video renderer my image is garbled. I tried some things by copying the planes
one by one using getplanepointer etc. but that doesn't help. Somehow the image stays slanted.

During init I create video data buffers for decoding, rendering and stroing all using
the same width, height and colorformat.

Does anyone know what the best way is to copy a video frame in to the renderer ?

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Perhaps your "slanting" is caused in your final "show on display" step. How are you doing that?

What format have you asked for the data coming from the video renderer? RGB24 or RGB32?

Consider taking a frame from the renderer, and writing a simple uncompressed bitmap file, e.g., Microsoft BMP, and letting a standard viewer display the image.
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