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IPP Community License


HI, we've got some questions relating to the named-user licenses and their usage in build processes as well as questions regarding the FAQ's.

1. relating to:

When using the Intel IPP Community Edition, is it necessary to register all users within an organization or company individually and install the product? The packages required for a build process are stored in a separate repository and are automatically made available during the build process. Single registration of users and installation would be meaningless as the installed packages (except for the first registration/installation) would not be used anyway.

2. relating to:

Can the answer to the question be understood as meaning that there is no time limit for the community license, i.e. it can be used indefinitely?

3. relating to:

We understand this to mean that Intel basically reserves the right to change existing offers and their terms of use in the future. May we assume that IPP versions already downloaded may continue to be used under the original terms and conditions? New downloads are of course subject to the new conditions.

Thanks in advance.

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thanks for using our Performance Libraries. 

Please see my comments below 

1. The registration process isn't technically necessary for your situation. however, it helps us be aware of the numbers of the developers and users which directly are indicators for future support.   

2. A Community license requires to be renewed annually in order to update the product. Already downloaded and installed products can be used permanently. 

3. Already downloaded and products built with our libraries have never been under restricted conditions and terms.  

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