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IPP MPEG2 encoder (IPP version 5.1) causes whole server reboot

Hi all:

We've been running an application which utilizes IPP (5.1) MPEG2 encoder on the intel server system SR2520SAX
(motherboard: S5000VSA, CPU: 2.5GHZ quad core x 2, 45nm). The server will reboot (no blue screen or crash, just reboot straight away) after a short period of time.

We tested this application but using another non-IPP MPEG2 encoder engine and it runs just fine. And if we take a way one CPU and make server run on only 1 CPU, using the IPP encoder, it's also OK. And it's good on other 1 CPU workstations.

Does any one know something about this issue? Thanks!

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How did you build Intel IPP sample, do you use static library or dynamic library from version 5.1?

I would recommend to get the latest version to check this issue again:

the latest product release: 5.3 update 3 (
or the latest IPP 6.0 beta version (

In both versions mentioned above, threaded static libraries have been added, so you could use threaded static libraires for multi-core systems.

When you recheck this issue with newer version, please ensure upgrade both libraires and sample.

additionally, there were a lot improvements on umc manual since version 5.1 , you may check this new manual located in directory ipp-samplesaudio-video-codecsdoc.You can check the part of vidoe encoding and see how these parameters are set up..

Please let us know how it works with new version.


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