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Image Quality Management functions in Intel IPP



We are currently implementing a library to encode and decode jpeg images using Intel IPP and UIC. Our prime objective is to sustain the quality of the image. During analysis we came across the following issues.

1. Whether to apply CrossBlockSmoothing or not.

Cross block smoothing: smoothening edges between blocks (The decoded image looks significantly better when cross-block smoothing is applied).

2. Gets the sub sampling type with which JPEG was compressed and how to change the sub sampling type of input JPEG image?

If sub sampling is 2:1:1 use this to get cosited sub sampling.

3. Optimize the image for better quality and smooth up sampling for chrominance

To get the correct decompressed image based on the input JPEG image sub sampling type

4. Basic quality parameters like chrominance, luminance, brightness etc

Could you please check whether the above are supported in Intel IPP?

Thanks in Advance

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