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JPEG-2000 Large Bitmaps Blow Up Decoder

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Am attempting to decode 15000x15000 pixel satelllite images. JPEG-2000 decoder [v7.0.4] blows up in file uic_new.cpp function ArrAlloc when malloc fails but no test is made for NULL pointer.

Test for NULL will result in a gentler failure but still fail to decode. API is apparently attempting to allocate 504MB array TWICE. In a Win7 environment, 4GB machine, this is not successful.

Any possible work around? Thanks.

Additional information: using uic_transcoder_con.exe for above tests. Also created VS2010solution with all image-codecs projects, so that I could get a good debug compile and link and see where it's blowing up. Both fail in the same way.

Also tried "bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072" which purports to increase user virtual memory from 2GB to 3GB but both programs still fail.

Apple Quick Time Picture Viewer has no problem displaying these enormous JP2 images.

Additional information: OPEN-JPEG blows up on these images as does Intel IPP.

But J2K-CODEC and its a_EasyDecode has no problem decoding and converting to BMP.
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I tried with 64 bittranscoder application. It can works. For large image, which needs 2G memory,it can try the64bitcode.


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