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Multiple versions of IPP installed on one machine

Can anyone tell if its possible to have more than one version of IPP installed on one Linux machine.
We are currently using a fully licensed 5.1, but I have an evaluation license for 6.1 as we want to add some h.264 decoding to our software, as there seemed to have several bug fixes for h.264 it seemed better to go to 6.1 than use 5.1 - maybe this is not necessary!?!?
Anyway, I just do not seem able to install 6.1 succesfully.
The installer just says:
Step no: 6 of 7 | Installation
Each component will be installed individually. If you cancel the installation,
components that have been completely installed will remain on your system. This
installation may take several minutes, depending on your system and the options
you selected.
Installing, please wait...
Installing Intel IPP 6.1 Update 2 for Linux* on IA-32 architecture
Intel IPP 6.1 Update 2 for Linux* on IA-32 architecture component
installation failed.
Press "Enter" key to continue
And in the logs it first said:
2010-05-12 12:43:50: INFO: LicenseHandler::GetChkLicCode(): 10
2010-05-12 12:43:50: DEBUG: The expression value is true
2010-05-12 12:43:50: DEBUG: Existing license path is /opt/intel/licenses//l_KLKDSJBL.lic
2010-05-12 12:43:50: DEBUG: Exiting issaapi_cpp::get_existing_license /root/DevArea/issaapi/issaapi.cpp 1052
2010-05-12 12:43:50: DEBUG: Entering issaapi_cpp::get_trial_days_remaining /root/DevArea/issaapi/issaapi.cpp 1288
Cannot find product id "IPP" in trusted storage.
2010-05-12 12:43:50: DEBUG: Exiting issaapi_cpp::get_trial_days_remaining /root/DevArea/issaapi/issaapi.cpp 1292

This machine makes our release builds so its still needs to have 5.1 on whilst we evaluate 6.1 for h.264.

Any opinions gratefully accepted. Thanks.


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Hello, I think it should be possible to have several version of IPP installed on single system. I'll provide your information to our install team.

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It is possible to install several versions of the IPP on the same machine.

It looks installer is unable to use the selected activation type for this particular package and host.

Please try to install package manually:
1) go to /rpm directory
2) installproduct RPM files with RPM manager:
#> rpm -ivh --nodeps --ignorearch *.rpm
It will be installed to /opt/intel/ipp/.... by default.
If you need to relocate the installation please use for the installation the:
#> rpm -ivh --nodeps --ignorearch --prefix "custom/location" *.rpm

If you have noenough priveleges to invoke these commands, please contact your system administrator to do it oruse one of the default RPM convertors, like alien or rpm2cpio. The product RPM files are located at /rpm directory.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
- Nikolay
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