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Problem while decoding a TIFF image tile compressed with JPEG2000

Hi There!
I am working with a C++ Image Server where I need to convert Aperio (TIFF) imagesto JPEGs and send to Front end (which is a .NET application). At the minute we support jpeg compressed tiffs. These are quite easy to work with since the tiff library can pull out and decode the tiles from a tiff directly. The new requirement is to support jpeg2000 compressed tiffs. So I thought to extract JPEG2000 encoded tile using TIFF Lib and use INTEL Performance primitives library V6.x to decode it.
AccordinglyI amtrying to decode the TIFF Image (got sample code from UIC Sample downloaded from Intel site)and then encoding the output data as a JPEG as my final objective is to get a JPEG as the outcome from Imageserver. But always I see a blank image as an output. I know JPEG Encoding work OK as it gives me the expected results for other images. So the problem should be with JPEG2000 Decoding.

Can any one please tell me if this is possible to decode a JPEG2000 compressed TIFF image using Intel libs? I can post the code snippet if you want to look at it. Thanks much in advance.
Please respond to my problem.

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I would recommend to take a look at UIC sample applications to see how you can decode JPEG2000 files with UIC codecs

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