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Questions regarding WIC component.

Customer asks:

I do have a couple of questions:

The samples for the UIC codec architecture implement a WIC (Windows Imaging Component) codec. The code and documentation suggest that this supports Jpeg 2000 (j2k). But although the codec registers itself as a WIC component, it does not advertise itself as capable of reading j2k files only jpeg and jpeg-xr. Im confused as to why it is limited in this way.

Picnic claims to be able to read DICOM images. Is this implemented through UIC? If so, why is the necessary registration not implemented, so that DICOM images can be handled via WIC?

Thank you for your help.
Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution
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Thewic_uic_codec sample is intendedas astarting point,notacomprehensive solution. At the time it was implemented, JPEG and JPEG-XR were consideredthehighest priority to illustrate. Hopefully the JPEG and JPEG-XR examples willbe a helpful reference if you wishto add other UIC codecs like JPEG2000 and DICOM yourself. Please note that UIC only implements a subset of DICOM.

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You're "mixing" UIC, WIC, Picnic and DICOM.

Iwould like to note that DICOM is a Standard and it stands for 'Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine',
and because of this it is built on top of some imaging API. I personally saw three different software systems with support ofDICOM:

First was implemented with Visual Basic
Second was implemented with IPL and Visual Basic
Thrid was implemented with some ( a company specific ) C++imaging API

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