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Reg. Difference between Intel IPP 7.1 "IppiResizesqr" and IPP 7.0 IPPResize

Hi ,

We have evaluated the Intel IPP 7.0 update7 and decided to go for it. In the meantime we found the 7.1 is coming with many changes for IppiResizeSqr method in static linking.

Actually we were using currently Intel IPP 6.1 and want to upgrade to latest version.

My question is:

1) What are the problem with IppiResizeSqr in IPP 7.0 that were really corrected in 7.1 apart from the size of custom DLL when using static linking.

2) How much is the size difference we will get in using the 7.1 ippiResize in contrast to ippiResizeSqr.
Currently we were using NEAREST,LINEAR,CUBIC interpolation methods for 16,8-bit 3-channel coor image.

3) Finally when the 7.1 version will be released and do we need to wait for it or go ahead upgrading to 7.0 update 7.

4) Currently i have evaluated 7.0 update 7 is this a stable version. If we buy license for 7.0 can we upgrade
to any of the updates available?

5) Also do we need to buy one more time licences if we need to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1?

Thans & Regards,

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1. Changes have been made to the existing Resize funtions that favor speed and size. The older functions, though deprecated still exist. They are justnot as optimal as the newer ones.

2. We are seeing up to 20x size reduction in some of the resize functions. Though this will differ based on the function.

3. The public release is in September,and no you dont need to wait to start upgrading to 7.0.

4.You can upgrade during the support period. See

5. If a release is within the support period it can be downloaded.

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