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Supersamplig resize takes much memroy



ippSuper resampling filter ask for big amounts of memory

For srcSize 3170x4129 and dstSize 1250x1628 using ippSuper filter and ippiResizeGetSize_8u, ippiResizeSuperInit_8u, ippiResizeGetBufferSize_8u methods.

With ROI as 1250x1628 takes 62547856 bytes of memory, and for 512x512, 256x256 and 128x128 needs 25663888, 13160848 and 6909328 that's bigger than source image.

With ROI as 1250x512, 1250x256 and 1250x128 if would take 62547856 like 1250x1628, so if I split the process in slides I would need 62547856 per slide, in case I use 8 threads that would be 500 Mb of RAM.

At the end the question would be, it’s a bug in the lib or the informed buffer size it’s right and I should process the full image at once (no threading or image pipeline process optimization (DMIP) can be used for SuperSamplig? Can I use a custom filter with an arbitrary size?

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