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Using the sample speech codec

Hello, I have downloded and run the speech codec from the code samples page. I would like to use only two of the given codecs (G729 and G723) as external dlls to my application.
I don't want to load the entire USC library and I want to load as few IPP core libraries as possible.
What is the best way to go about doing that? If I load only the G729i and G723.1 dlls, how do I get their APIs? How do I know which IPP libraries they really need?

Thank you.
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For now,the speech-codec sample make systemdoes notsupportdll build neither a whole USC library noranyUSC codecs separately, but in fact each USC component can be easily builtalone.For example, just remove all other partof ./codec/speech/* contentbesidesg729i and common, andbuild a dll exporting USCFUN USC_Fxns USC_G729I_Fxns symbol. Or do the same forg723.1 exporting USCFUN USC_Fxns USC_G723_Fxns, etc.

An application will require to link to ippcore.lib andseveral IPP import libraries namely, ipps.lib,ippsc.lib, for some codecs(namely, G722 and G729fp)also ippsr.lib fromipp/stublib.To run the application it will requireappropriate dlls from ipp/bin/win32 for example.

Best regards,

Vyacheslav, IPP, speech coding domain

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